Choreographic piece for 100 amateur performers


"For if man is formed by circumstances, it is important to create human circumstances." Guy Debord


Foules is first and foremost a choreographic project designed for a large group.

Foules is a writing project in the form of a gestural and literary score.

Foules follows a logic of situation rather than imagery.

Foules draws inspiration from the analysis of space, in the manner of Perec, and disassociates itself from the subject with Lettrist insolence.

Foules winks towards Allan Kaprow, Anna Halprin, Odile Duboc, and Jacques Tati.

Foules borrows the most obvious and mysterious gestures and rhythms from the street.

Foules designs concrete communities, whether conscious or random.

Foules uses virtual communities to shape itself.

Foules is not a structural analysis but a cubist portrait.

Foules is interested in the internal and external balances of a group, its own rhythms, and will impose others on it.

Foules is a living tableau composed of a multitude of snapshots on which we will refrain from examining closely.


Let us be in crowds, yes! Because it's true there are often no crowds on contemporary dance stages, and from intimate performances to accompanied solos, the fantasy of a large body in movement ends up haunting us. And is this only due to economic reasons, or to a persistent hatred of all things 'corps' (ballet orthe army), or perhaps the presumption that quality cannot withstand quantity and/or vice versa? Come on, let's trample all over this crowd of questions and melt into it for a while. If we can't contain or electrify it, we can always immerse ourselves in it and hope we don't get lynched.


Press coverage

"Et franchement, ça impressionne et prend aux tripes et au corps, cent personnes de tous âges, à se mouvoir en même temps, à se lever, à hisser les bras… Ou encore à rire, éternuer, à descendre une fermeture imaginaire…", Véronique Escolano, Ouest France.


Choreography: Olivia Grandville
Collaboration and transmission: Sylvain Riejou, Jeanne Brouaye, Aurélien Desclozeaux
Lighting design: Yves Godin
Sound design: Olivier Renouf
Sound manager: Jonathan Kingsley Seilman
Video image: César Vayssié
Technical and image collaboration: Jeff Yvenou


Production: Mille Plateaux, CCN La Rochelle

Co-production: Le Prisme, artistic development centre, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

photo credit : Marie Monteiro